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The Dog Days of winter

As a Canadian, it is my inherent right to complain or at least talk about the weather.  I suppose if you lived in a climate where it’s 25 degrees and sunny everyday, you wouldn’t have the luxury of being able to complain about the weather or speculate on what we’re in store for.

The freezing cold temperatures this past week have me wondering how much more winter we have to endure before we get a taste of spring and the reality is, its anyone’s guess.  Where we’re located on the shores of Lake Erie, we generally get that taste fairly early in relative terms.  We were in the fields digging trees the week of March 5th last year – a very early start!

I can’t imagine, given the way the winter’s been thus far, that an early spring isn’t a very real possibility once again this year.  The Farmer’s Almanac suggests the following for Southern Ontario this year:

FEB. 2013: Temp. –11°C (3°C below avg.); precip. 15mm (30mm below avg.). 1–6 Snow showers, very cold. 7–15 Sunny, mild, then snow showers, very cold. 16–20 Sunny, cold. 21–23 Snowy periods, mild. 24–28 Snow showers; mild east, cold west.

MAR. 2013: Temp. –1.5°C (1.5°C above avg.); precip. 70mm (20mm above avg.). 1–2 Sunny, mild. 3–5 Rain and snow, then sunny, cold. 6–7 Snowstorm east, sunny west; cold. 8–13 Rain, then sunny east; snow, then rain west; mild. 14–19 Rain to snow, then sunny, cold. 20–23 Sunny east, rainy periods west; warm. 24–27 Showers mild. 28–31 Rain east, snow west; turning cold.

APR. 2013: Temp. 5.5°C (0.5°C above avg.); precip. 40mm (50mm below avg. east, 30mm above west). 1–7 Sunny east, rain and snow showers west; mild. 8–13 Sunny east; rain and snow, then sunny west; mild. 14–17 Showers, mild. 18–22 Rain to snow, then sunny, cool. 23–30 Showers east, rain and snow showers west.

MAY 2013: Temp. 11.5°C (1°C below avg.); precip. 95mm (30mm above avg.). 1–5 A few showers, cool. 6–14 Scattered t-storms, cool. 15– 20 Sunny, cool. 21–27 Showers, cool. 28–31 Sunny, warm.”
* Source 2013 Old Farmers Almanac

Armed with this information, you can speculate too!  Or at least it'll give you something to talk about around the dinner table.

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